Update Motorola Razr XT910 to Android 4.0 ICS Firmware


The owners of Motorola Razr XT 910 has been waiting for a long time as there has not been any official update to Android 4.0 ICS announced for them. And, It is even predicted that there won’t be an official announcement in the nearby future.
So here is an unofficial guide to upgrade your Motorola Razr XT 910 and taste the new Android ICS 4.0.

Yet again, the update process is divided into two parts:

  1. Pre-Upgrade Steps.
  2. Final Upgradation.

Pre-Upgrade Steps

These are the steps which will make your phone ready for update. Please do not skip any step, or else you can be in trouble.

  1. Check that version of your Motorola Razr is XT910 (Check atSettings> About Phone)as it won’t work for other models.
  • Charge you phone to around 80-85% so that it has enough power to update. the process requires intensive power of Battery so I would suggest not to go for an update with less charge.
  • Now, you need to Enable USB Debuggingon you Android phone. This can be done at “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging” and you should tick the USB debugging option.

  •  If your cellphone have some important data which you want to preserve such as Contacts and SMS, then please backup SMS, Contacts etc using some Apps from Android Marketplace (You can go for the one which suits you the most).

Final Upgradation

Now comes the real part. Follow each and every step with care.

  1. First of all  download this firmware package in a separate folder.
  2. Switch off your smart phone and get it into Recovery Mode. ( This can be done by pressing key combination of  Power button + volume up + volume down button together at once.)
  3. As and when you press he buttons, a recovery screen will appear. Simply navigate to recovery open and enter it.
  4. Now a robot button(triangular in shape) will appear. Now press Both Volume keys together.
  5. Select the option “Install update from SD Card” . This selection can be made by navigating with help of Volume Keys and select the option by pressing the Power Button.
  6. Now select the the download firmware i.e. Blur_Version.651.167.3370.XT910.Brasil.en.BR.zip  and the upgrade will start.
  7. Wait until the process completes. The phone will restart automatically after the upgradation.

In this way, you can upgrade and enjoy ICS 4.0 on your Motorola Razr XT910. If you face any difficulty, feel free to ask.