Track your Website in Real-time with Google Analytics


Google has increased their domination in the Web analytics platform as they have released Analytics Real-Time Beta feature for public in the free Analytics version. This was earlier available only in Google Analytics Premium which was the first paid Google Analytics product.
Real-Time Beta service allows you to analyse the statistics about the user which are currently surfing your website or blog. You can check the city from where he/she is surfing and all the other details such as Browser Version etc. It was last year that they purchased a startup called PostRank and their service has been now implemented as a part of Analytics.

This product is too useful in analysing the effectiveness of social media sharing as one can easily get to know, how many users arrived to the page just after sharing the post on social media like Twitter,Facebook and, Pinterest. Prior to this, the analytics data which Analytics reported to present was having an average delay of around three hours.

Analytics just got better!

This is not the first time that we observing such a service. There were services like: Woopra, Chartbeat  which gave the same kind of stats to us but they were not free. The good thing about this update is that it is available free of cost and webmasters need not do any kind of changes in the analytics code The.Real-Time reports can be analysed in the new version of Google Analytics. You can also check the number of pages viewed by a single user and the time he spent on the site.

The other version i.e. Google Analytics Premium, which is the first paid analytics product from Google is available for a whopping 150,000 per year. This includes a 24X7 support and advanced analysis feature.
Must watch this official video of Analytics Premium:

I am personally very happy after using the Real-Time Service and this is definitely a very good step taken by them.  Also, I had a word with my fellow bloggers and all of them looked happy after using it and found it useful. So full marks to Google for this from our side.  What do you think about Real-Time?