How to Keep a Track on Your Children’s Cellphone Activity


Cellphone has become one of the basic necessities in today’s time. Almost everyone in this World have used Cellphones in their world. Some of us prefer going for rough & tough cellphones which are durable whereas some are so peculiar about the features that they go for  Smartphones and the latest one among them being the Android based Cellphone.

Android powered cellphones has become so popular that people prefer it over other OS because they have so much of features plus a rich marketplace in the form of Google Play that one can always find an App for their work.

These days, I’ve often seen kids and young ones going for the latest technology based cellphones. At beginning they’ve craze of playing Games and having fun with the cellphones but later, when they start exploring the choices available, they sometimes get indulged into some activities which are not suitable for their age-group. So parents need to be extra-caring to make sure that their children are not getting indulged into mischievous activities.

So the solution for them is Spy SMS Application. This is an application which once installed, will make you free regarding tracking your children and their activities. In this application you can have a look at the messages and other works of the cellphone remotely.
Here are some of its features:

  • Disguised: The application interface is designed in a way that eve if one detects/open it, it would look like some important system file running in background.
  • Lightweight: Its lightweight in the terms that it can easily running on a 600MHz+ processor.
  • Escapes ‘Advanced task killer’: The Android task killer cannot kill this process directly.
  • Perfect for paternal control.: You can always see if your kids are getting involved in any illegal/wrong activity.
  • Auto emails to the users’ email as notifications for every update of the subject’s messages on the site (once is 24 hours). If his phone is switched off, then it’ll be carried over to the next day.

So I hope that you use this App for your cause.