Top Educational Android Apps for Students


Smartphones have made our life easier in many ways. Not only calling and texting, but they also gives us features like Internet, Apps etc. which makes them useful for us in day to-day life. Now, everyone knows that it is the Android which is ruling the market of smartphones all around and what better than using its best feature that is application installation from Marketplace/ Google Play. You can get apps for almost any work which can be done by a cellphone. Today we are talking about the top 5 Apps for Android which makes education easier. Yes, these are the apps which can help you or your loved ones to become the next Newton or Einstein.
So here we go:

 Ever Note – Organise yourself and Your Studies

Ever Note is one of the most favourite android application among students as it helps them in organising various devices which they need. Ever Note, if used carefully can help you increase your productivity in educational terms. You can use it set reminders about homework, assignments and important dates. You can use it in synchronisation of notes. Not just text notes, but you can also have diagram and images in notes. You can share your notes with friends and get notes from someone else using Ever Note. You can even receive notes from email and connect Ever Note to other products.

Three Ring – To Save your Data

 Three Ring is an app which can help teachers. It allows user to create a complete digital portfolios of the entire work done by student in seconds by taking their images.

It is better than preserving assignments etc. in hard copy as digital copy requires less space and helps in saving papers. So you can always click pictures of the work done and save it with the apps. Also the data can be sorted fro different classes by using tags.



Coolibah – Create Digital Portfolio Scrapbook in seconds

Not available in Marketplace/Google Play, but Coolibah is an app which acts as a digital scrapbook on your android phone which can be well used to save and show off any student’s portfolio. It can be too useful in teacher-principal meetings. It allows you to prepare entire layouts and design frames, along with elements with different format of text. You can even send the portfolio via email.


 Periodic App – Carry all Tables with You

Periodic App is an app which can certainly help you studying Chemistry. This small app consists of all the tables like Periodic table, IUPAC nomenclature etc. The information in it is updated after certain interval and is very accurate as it is taken directly from IUPAC. It also helps you in studying Isotopes, Isobars and Isomers. You can see the entire table at once or can also search for a desired element etc.


Convert Pad : What else one needs?

ConvertPad can be too useful for the students who are a bit weak in learning and mugging all formulas and conversions. It allows you convert force, energy, currency, speed, weight and volume etc. It comes in an ad-free version which adds to its advantages. Also, what makes it superior to other alike apps is the fact that it is really easy to use.





So these are the top android apps which can help people from educational background. They are equally helpful for both teachers and students.5 of the applications that a student can use. So use them for your help and also suggest the same to your friends.