Top 8 Useful Apps for Blogging Women


You should be pro apps whether you are pro Android, iPhone or even pro BlackBerry. Apps & applications are useful for blogging women. There are different apps for different purposes including blogging women.


For all blogging women, there is the evernote app that is available on BlackBerry, Android, iPad and iPhone devices. Evernote and a productivity app permit you to capture and save content in one particular location.

This content includes snapshots, recordings as well as ideas and notes that can be placed into Evernote and synchronizes your Window desktop or Mac. If you need you can write a research paper using Evernote or just make short notes.

The Epi

The Epi is another useful app available. This shopping list and Epicurious Recipes app provides high-tech kitchen assistance. It gives its users the opportunity of searching for competently created and proven recipes and make lists that are interactive and modify them.

The circle of 6

The circle of 6 is another app for blogging women. This is an app that is useful for preventing violence ever before it occurs. Assuming that you are lost and you need to be pulled out and you do not know the place you are operating, circle of 6 allows you to select 6 people in your circle.

All you have to do is to tap on the car icon and it will send a text to your circle together with your GPS position. If you are on a date and you feel uncomfortable with your situation, this app is able to send a message to the circle you belong to alert them to give you a call in order for them to get you out of the predicament.

Calorie counter

Furthermore, calorie counter is another app that is useful for women who likes keeping track of how many calories they normally consume on daily basis. You can also use this calorie counter to get the most accurate weight loss data everyday due to that fact that it has an exercise log. Calorie counter app is available for the Android and Apple devices.

The Nike Women Training

The Nike Women Training is a fitness app that includes core, cardio, balance, strength and flexibility exercises. With Nike Women Training app, you can create your own workout and add your friends in your workout also.

The voice recognition app

The voice recognition app or dragon dictation permits you to multitask through dictation of messages, emails and texts. Accordingly, it was claimed by app store that using dictation is five times faster than using keyboard.

Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ offers the easiest way of making and using the grocery list and permits you to customize all your shopping categories, prepare lists for multiple stores as well as print and email various coupons. Grocery IQ app is just too great for simplifying all grocery shopping.

The parenting ages and stages

Another useful app for blogging women is the parenting ages and stages. This app can be customized to match the stage of women’s pregnancy or the age of their children. The app provides advice on all you require from potty training to breastfeeding, stretch marks and discipline.

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