Top 5 Web Conferencing Tools For Freelancers



Web-conferencing software tools has really changed the way how people communicate over the web now. You can fine online meeting software reviews all over the internet. One of the most recommended tools available today is GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting reviews are wonderful and it provides many robust features with itself.

Using online conferencing software tools, you can easily communicate with your clients, company staff and potential customers at a time through web conferencing. This facility can be used by the freelancers to give presentations, sales ideas, project updates and attend business meetings. This means of communication is not only to communicate in graceful manner but also to cost cheaper than other modes. Freelancers are allowed to use these web communication tools to make it convenient for them. Though there are a number of web conferencing software tools but top 5 are as under:

Top 5 web conferencing software tools for freelancers



Ozonelite is a free web conferencing service, without any hidden fee or charges provided by a British company Ozoneconfrencing. You will get your personal account number with 0845 to make it convenient for you. The charges of the calls fromUK landline vary between a pence/ minute and 3.9 pence/ minute which include VAT as per the time and day of the week. It can be ideal for small businesses especially as the calls are immediately received by the customers.

Adobe Connect:


Adobe Connect provides one of the best services and tests and researches going on it to improve its working capacity. You can communicate with upto two people at a time alongwith sharing documents and various other tools as additional options including video, VoIP, text chat and teleconferencing. You can control the desktop of your colleague or client, with his due permission, even remaining far away from it through this web conferencing software tool.



This web conferencing software app can be downloaded free of cost and can facilitate you to communicate with about 30 persons at one time. It had increased the use of conferencing equipments in a very versatile manner as you can communicate and control the screens and share your screen with a number of people whom you want to share your views. Text chatting and teleconferencing have also been easy with this tool. Being an IM client, Yuuguu also allows you to communicate while in air with your concerned people.



You can organize your presentations, schedule limitless meetings and invite 20 people to communicate and conference with you without downloading any file through Vyew, a unique web conferencing software tool. You can also use a shared webcam, a shared workspace, file and desktop sharing, teleconferencing and Voice over Internet Protocol with the help of this web conferencing software app for freelancers. The best part with this app is that though this free service is backed up with ads but they are not so disturbing that the services get distracted.



DimDim allows you to share your presentations, computer screen, documents and a white board with upto 20 people through ad free, non-downloading web conferencing software app. Video, VoIP, text chat, teleconferencing, and meeting recording services are also supported by this tool. Certain explanatory tools, meeting scheduler and public and private chat facilities are also offered by Dimdim.

Though there are several other web conferencing software tools for freelancers but the top 5 web conferencing software tools for freelancers are above. If you are looking for one, then you should check out these 5 first. Subscribe to our mailing list to recieve regular updates as we keep on reviewing more of online web-conferencing tools.