Top 5 Reasons Why Freelancing Is The Hardest Job In The World



Freelancing is not as easy as perceived by many people. People think that freelancers just sit in front of the computers and do a little work to earn huge amount of money. This is a myth and freelancing as a career requires hard work and dedication to show results. Freelancing is one of the toughest and unstable jobs. The income levels may vary too as one month you make a lot of money and the next you hardly make any money and struggle to pay your bills. The initial phase of a freelancer’s career is most challenging and things tend to get a bit easier with experience.

When you start out as a freelancer it may be tough to find work as you don’t have a client base. Once you complete a few projects efficiently you build credibility which makes it easier to get work. Most people who choose freelancing as a career have no idea that it’s one of the most challenging jobs in the world. In this article we will discuss why freelancing is tough and it takes hard work to be successful.

Here are top five reasons why freelancing is the hardest job in the world:

Reason 1: Unstable incomeincome

Freelancers can’t be assured about their income like a person with a corporate job. In other words they have an inconsistent job with no guarantee of a stable income each month. One month they may make a lot of money and the next month they may be struggling to pay the bills. If you want to be successful as a freelancer you need to learn from these experiences and develop your skills which will help you build credibility.

Reason 2: DistractionsDistraction-1

When you work from home as a freelancer, you are bound to face a lot of distractions which will affect your performance. You work on your projects with your family around and are almost certain to be distracted as there is always noise around the house. This is one of the challenging aspects of working as a freelancer as there is hardly anything you can do to stop these distractions.

Reason 3: Need to find regular clients040411_UnemployedBoyfriend

When you start out as a freelancer it may be difficult to find regular work. You will have to find new clients regularly and if you fail to do so you won’t have any work. You don’t have a client base and no one really knows you to give you work. It does get a bit easier once you are more experienced and have made a name for yourself with quality work. When you are new you should market yourself so that you get work and build credibility in the marketplace.

Reason 4: Managing every aspect of businessestimation

A freelancer needs to manage every aspect of his business on his own and this can be pretty demanding. You have to look after invoicing, client management, marketing and every other aspect of your business. If you fail to take care of any one of them, it can prove fatal for your business.

Reason 5: Balancing work and social lifework-life-balance

Freelancers work from home and may find it difficult to strike a balance between their work and social life. You need to think of ways to find new clients and grow your business which may make it almost impossible to take off from your daily schedule. You should work on a schedule and try to find some time especially on weekends for a social life.

Freelancing is a good career option but in no way an easy way to make lots of money from the comfort of your home. Many people dream of leaving their day job and becoming a freelancer as they believe they can earn a lot of money with little effort. Freelancing is not easy and requires persistent effort to be successful. If you are thinking about freelancing as a career option consider the above mentioned factors before getting into it.