Top 10 reasons Why Freelancing Might Not Be Your Dream Job


exhausted-male_0Many times people dream of working for themselves instead of working in corporate job positions. Due to all of the long hours and bad bosses that makes everyday living extra hard, the desire to quit and start a business can become stronger as time passes. Although every individual has their own personal reasons for working as a freelancer, many people have some of the same reasons in common (i.e. performing a job that they enjoy). However, listed below are ten things that the freelancer should be aware of before they quit their corporate job positions.

Reason 1: No Health or Dental benefits

 Many people who work in freelance jobs do not have paid health insurance or dental insurance. Which means, if they have any medical or dental problems, they will have to pay for these costs out of their own pockets.

Reason 2: Some Clients Cause Freelancers to Lose Time and Money

images(3)While some clients are easy to please, others may be too critical and hard to please. Therefore, the freelancer may work on a project for an extended period of time and the client can turn it down. In these situations, the freelancer will not get paid for their hard work and they will also lose all of the time that has been spent.

Reason 3: Always At Work

images (1)Even though most people envision spending more time out with their family, as a freelancer, this is not always true. With the initial start-up, the person may have to spend many long hours up during the night to make sure they meet certain deadlines.

Reason 4: Time off or work means no money

images (2)In a corporate job, the individual can take a vacation from their job and they can do it with pay. Many jobs will also allow for paid sick time. As a freelancer, there is no paid time off. Therefore, any time not worked, means the person may not be able to pay their bills.

Reason 5: Pay For Computer Problems

images (3)When the computer stops on a corporate job, normally there is a dedicated staff that comes to fix the problem. Freelancers will have to repair their own computers or pay someone else that knows how.

Reason 6: Finding Faithful Clients

images (4)Finding clients to support the business is also up to the freelancer. Unfortunately, finding faithful clients that need their services is not always simple to do.

Reason 7: Failure and Success is in the hands of the Freelancer

success-and-failure-signAs with any job, there will be successes and failures. This is one of the challenges of being a freelancer. When failures do occur, they will have to continue in spite of the issues. For many people, this is not simple or easy.

Reason 8: Supporting Clients In Different Time Zones 

images (5)If a freelancer is going to be successful in certain areas, they may have to service customers from different zones. This is not an easy thing to do because the person will have to get up early in the morning and stay up late most nights.

Reason 9: Self-Discipline is a Requirement

Self-discipline is an essential key to working as a freelancer, since the temptation to play is always available. Others may call for a night out, especially during the most inopportune times.

Reason 10: No Financial security

images (6)Even though unemployment rates are substantially high all over, the person who works in a corporate job has a certain amount of security. As a freelancer, financial security is not guaranteed.

As stated above, many people want to work for themselves instead going to a corporate job. However, before pursuing their dreams, it is best to review the downside to being a freelancer.