Top 10 Reasons Why Freelancing Has Job Security


freelancer_jobs_logo_biggerFreelancing has several advantages and is a lucrative alternative to a traditional job. Freelancing can be a great career option as it provides you with better job security. The fact is that if you have the talent and the skill set you can survive even in the most competitive job markets. If you have a talent which is in demand you can easily find a job irrespective of the condition of the economy or job market. You should always plan for the future because irrespective if whether you have a full time job or work as a freelancer you might face a situation where you have less work and income than you had in the past. You should be always be ready for such a situation and have a contingency plan in place to counter the situation.

If you are considering freelancing as a career option you should master a certain skill set which is in demand, be ready to meet new people and develop your social skills.
Here are some of the top reasons why freelancing offers better job security as a career:
Reason 1: Growth Opportunity
Freelancing offers you attractive opportunities to work with some of the most talented people in your industry. This is a great opportunity to grow and learn from these successful people which will help you further your freelancing career.
Reason 2: Better performance
When you work for a company you face problems like lack of proper leadership, office politics and a host of other problems which can demotivate you and have a negative influence on performance. When you work as a freelancer your market reputation and future business depends on the kind of service you offer to your current clients. This keeps you motivated to strive to perform at your optimum level.
Reason 3: Better control of your income
When you work for a company you may not always get the recognition and appreciation you deserve and your income may not grow in the same proportion which the company’s profits is growing.  When you work as a freelancer you can grow your income by either working longer hours or by raising your rates once you have established yourself with some outstanding projects and satisfied client base.
Reason 4: Better networking opportunities
A freelancer always meets and interacts with new people which help him to build a strong network. This helps them grow their contacts which can help them grow their business and profits in the future.
Reason 5: Quality of work
If you have a corporate job you work as per the company’s requirements and have no say on the type of projects you have to handle. A freelancer can take up assignments which he thinks he would love working on and this also has an impact on the quality of work as most of us perform better when we enjoy working on any particular assignment.
Reason 6: Less pressure and stress levels
Freelancer faces less stress and pressure compared to people who have corporate jobs. They don’t have any bosses or any stiff deadlines to meet. This means that a freelancer’s job is much easier to accomplish.
Reason 7: Limited expenses
Freelancers have limited expenses compared to people with corporate jobs. Some of the expenses freelancers hardly have are gas bills, traveling expenses and other expenses associated with a company job. You can work from the comfort of your home without having to spend time and money to get to your workplace.
Reason 8: Flexible hours
You can work flexible hours as a freelancer which is not possible in a corporate job. You can work as per your convenience and don’t have to stick to a fixed office hour.
Reason 9: Do the work you love
A freelancer does the work he loves. When you have a corporate job you do the work the company requires you to do. This may sometimes lead to monotony and frustration in a corporate job which is not the case for a freelancer.
Reason 10: Better negotiation skills
Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design

Digital Image by Sean Locke
Digital Planet Design

A freelancer develops better negotiation skills compared to a person with a corporate job as they meet a number of people almost on a daily basis. Your advanced negotiation skills will also be helpful in day to day life too.