Top 10 Mistakes When Outsourcing Work To Freelancers


outsourcing-mistakes-300x199Small and large companies are taking advantage of outsourcing many different types of tasks and projects to freelancers today. As technology advances and more people are working at home for themselves, this trend is becoming increasingly more common to those who are now part of this new worldwide industry. Although this latest trend can be advantageous to both the freelancer and the company, there are at least 10 mistakes that can be made by a company when they are outsourcing their work.

Listed below are ten of the top mistakes made:

#1: Freelancer Screening Process Insufficient

ScreeningProcessOne of the most common mistakes is not having an effective freelancer screening process in place. Without the proper selection process, companies can lose time and money with unprofessional freelancers who are not qualified to do the work. Therefore, it is important for the company to have established procedures, guidelines and job specifications for the work that is needed.

#2: Clear and Concise Instructions Needed

whydriversOne of the main goals for both the requestor and the freelancer is to accomplish the job as quickly as possible without unnecessary disruptions. Therefore, to save time and money, the instructions for each project or assignments must be clearly defined and concise before it is assigned to the freelancer.

#3: Lack of Communication

communication_imagesEven when a task is clearly defined, the freelancer may need additional information or instructions to complete the assignment or the project. In these situations, the requestor must be available to the freelancer for a quick response. Which means, the freelancer must be able to contact this individual when needed by email, text messaging, phone etc. Without the proper communication mechanisms in place, the freelancer can miss the deadline or they may give the assignment back unfinished.

#4) Slow Feedback

feedback_imagesUnfortunately, slow feedback after projects are complete is also a major problem for many companies, especially when a freelancer is responsible for additional assignments. Most freelancers like to know if the job that they completed is sufficient before they continue.

#5: Losing the Best Talent

images (7)When a company finds freelancers that provide good work in the times allotted, it is essential for the company to retain and not lose their best talent. High turnover is often a big problem when outsourcing difficult and crucial assignments.

#6: Unreasonable Demands for Low Pay

images (8)Making unreasonable demands can cripple the success of hiring and retaining talented freelancers. Even though it is cheap labor, the people that perform these tasks usually know the going rate for the duties that they perform and what is too much work for the pay.

#7: Keeping the Assignments Flowing

images (9)To maintain an effective and efficient freelance outsourcing staff, it is important for the company to keep the freelancers assignments flowing. Without a reasonably steady pace, freelancers will move to other companies because lack of assignments means no money.

#8: No Mechanism for Monitoring Progress

images (10)As with any area or job function, the company must have a mechanism for monitoring the overall progress of freelancer outsourcing. If the freelancer is not working effectively and efficiently, the company representative may want to discontinue the working relationship. They can do it by different web conferencing tools available today.

#9: No Company Outsourcing Guidelines or Standards

images (11)No standards or plans for outsourcing work to a freelancer are also major problems for many companies today. As a general rule, companies who do not establish or set outsourcing guidelines and standards can lose time, money and freelancers.

#10: Clearly Defined and Flexible Deadlines

images (12)The deadlines for certain assignments may not be as stringent as others. However, it is important that the freelancer knows exactly when the work must be complete. In many cases, the company’s representative may also extend the deadline when needed, especially if the freelancer normally does good work.

Company and freelancer relationships can be a win-win situation for both. However, if the company does not avoid some of the most commonly made mistakes, they can lose time, money and the benefits of having loyal and talented freelancers.