Top 5 Google Doodles 2012


Google has always been surprising their users by coming up with something new and innovative. They try to get user’s attention in all possible ways. One such feature used by them at Google Search Homepage is the Doodle. It is something which allows them to celebrate some the festivals, events and inventions.

In Doodle concept, they modify their logo in such a way that it gets transformed into an image which is unique in itself and as of now, they are coming up with new one almost everyday, so we decided to come up with a list of top 5 Google Doodle of 2012 and here we go:

Robert Moog’s 78th Birthday [23 May]

 To celebrate birthday of the musical pioneer Robert Moog, the doodle was transformed into a musical keyboard which was working fine. I tried playing a few tunes over it, and it was working fine. It also allowed us to set bass, treble, volume etc.

Mother’s Day [13 May]

The mother’s day Doodle was even better in terms of the message behind it. In this the two OO of the logo came out from a door and met ‘g’ in a way like a kid met his mother. Afterwards, a complete Google logo was shown. The essence message was so heart-touching that many a users shared it on their social profiles inclduing facebook and pinterest.


Valentine Day [14 Feb]

The love in the air was felt n the valentine day when Google came up with a doodle with a story behind it. In this logo, the story of Hank Williams’ Cold, Cold Heart was presented.




Gideon Sundback’s Birthday[April 24]

One April 24th, Google allowed us to unzip a lot of information to celebrate the 132nd birthday of Gideon Sundback who invented the zipper which is now part of life of many of us.
In this, when some phrase was searched, they zipped opened to take them to the search result.



Nicholas Steno Birthday[January 11]

The 374th birthday of the well-known scientist of Danish origin, Nicholas Steno was celebrated with Rock layer based google. The doodle basically tried and explained the well-known Steno’s “principle of original horizontality,” which states that the rock layers are form horizontally and they only appear differently if a later disturbances cause the deviation.

So these were the top 5 doodle’s which we felt were really awesome. You can have a look at all doodle’s at the official doodle page and share the one’s which you liked the most.