Top 10 Challenges Faced By a Freelance Writer


1Freelance writing is an ideal job for those who likes writing and prefer having flexibility. However, this is not a job for every skilled writer because it has its own set of challenges. Good writing skills is not the only thing required for this work. A freelancer has to look for good clients also. Its a common perception, that a person with good writing skills can become a good freelance writer. However, it’s just the half-battle won. A freelancer must be ready to face different challenges that comes his way and must learn how to overcome them. The sooner he learns the challenges, the better it is.

Therefore, for those who are considering working in this field, here are 10 challenges that freelance writers are faced with on a regular basis.

1. Search Good Clients

client_images (7)(1)Excellent writing skills are not the only requirements for this kind of position. This position also requires skills of client acquisition, since the freelancer has to find clients to write for. Whether online or in their local community, the freelancer has to look for good clients that will appreciate their work and pay well for the content that they obtain. So, he must possess good sales skills.

2) Handling Bad Clients

client(1)For the most part, freelance writers have an opportunity to work for clients that value their work and they will return with more assignments. These same clients will also compensate writers according to the quality of the content. On the other hand, the freelance writer can write for some clients who are difficult to please. These are also some of the same clients that pay the least but want the most.

3) Quick Research

research(1)Having good research skills is also an essential part of a freelance writers job. To be good in this field, the person must have good research skills if they want to remain competitive within the industry. Another essential element is being able to research the needed information as quickly as possible because time is money.

4) Exceptional Writing Skills

images (13)If a writer is going to earn a living writing, they will need exceptional writing skills. These skills are essential because they are often requested to write on a wide variety of different topics including finance, business, home improvements and technology.

5) Freelance Writing is Competitive

images (14)The competition amongst the freelance writing community is can be intense because there are thousands of other writers looking for work. Therefore, being distinctive can take extra work (i.e. creating an exceptional portfolio). So you may find that freelancing might not be your dream job.

6) Finances and Stability

images(3)The job of a freelance writer is normally anything but stable for many. The income earned is based on the individual and the number of clients and assignments. Which means, the amount earned varies.

7) Conference Software versus Face-to-Face Meetings

conference_software(1)With all of the technology available today, face-to-face meetings with clients is no longer a requirement. Even when the client is located in a local area, meetings are held using various conference meeting software products. The freelancer will need to secure the appropriate software if they are going to secure more business. He must be proficient on different web conferencing tools available in market nowadays.

8) Tight Deadlines

deadlines(1)Meeting deadlines is essential to the success of the freelancer. The deadlines must be met and the content must be good or the client does not have to accept or pay for the work. So, a freelancer must show perfect dedication to his work and avoid becoming an unprofessional freelancer.

9) Potential Burnout

burnout(1)Burning the candle at both ends is inherent for most freelance writers, especially for those who are beginning their careers. Knowing when to cut the assignments off is one of the top keys to avoiding freelance writer’s burnout.

10) Feast or Famine

The flow of the work is normally unpredictable. In some months, the freelance writer has enough for an overflow in their finances. However, the writer can also experience times when the assignments and the money are too low to pay the bills.

Even with all of the challenges, it is an ideal job for many.  Best part is that freelancing has a good job security. However, learning how to overcome the challenges can make the difference between being a a freelancer a 9 to 5 job.