Tips to choose the best mobile browser for Android


The Android is an operating system. It is currently the most widely used operating system on mobile devices. The big competitors are the iOS which is what you find on Apple products. Then there is the Android, and there is Windows. Windows may be found on third party devices, but it is mostly found on devices commissioned by Microsoft.

The Android OS is found on most mobile Smartphones and tablet devices. This is because the iOS is only for Apple devices, and because many manufacturers are not comfortable putting the Windows OS on their tablet or phone devices when they know they will have to compete with Microsoft.

What are web browsers on mobile devices?

You may have noticed that on your desktop computer you the Internet Explorer browser (the IE), and that you may also download Google Chrome or the Firefox browser. Well the same is true for the Android. The manufacturer of your mobile device will have chosen what web browser you have on your mobile device. However, this does not mean that you cannot change the web browser on your tablet or your Smartphone if you wish.

What would you like to browse the Internet for?

This is a question you should ask yourself when you are picking a web browser for your tablet or your Smartphone. If you are looking to play online games then you will need to consider the gaming capabilities of your browser. If you are looking to watch videos then you may need a browser that renders a little quicker than if you are using your browser to read and surf the web.

What interface feels comfortable to you?

This is another important factor. A lot of people end up downloading the Firefox browser on their desktop computer because they have come across a website that is Firefox compatible but not IE compatible. They download the new browser and use it, but then do not like the look or feel of it so they will switch back to IE. The same thing happens all the time with Google Chrome. People try it for a little while but then decide that they do not like the interface and so they change back.

You should pick the interface that works the best for you, and if this means that you have to try more than one mobile web browser then so be it.

Is the browser responsive enough for you?

Do not forget that you are navigating and entering information with your finger, so the idea of comfort needs to come into play. Do you find it difficult to use the browser? Are the icons too small? Is the interface hard to use with your finger? Have they oversimplified it?

Which one loads the fastest?

This is another one of those problems that occurs on desktops as much as is occurs on mobile devices. A person will download the browser, only to find that it takes just a little bit too long to render or load up. This may not be too bad the first few times, but eventually it will bother the user will grow weary of the enviable wait time and will want something else. What you should do is look at your browser when it loads up and sees if it is taking too long. If it is long enough for you to notice then you are to eventually become annoyed with it, so that will not be the web browser for you.

Look up what other people have said

People like to complain about things because complaining brings comfort to the moody person who does it. So you should take advantage of this, go online and look for the articles where people have moaned about it. If they have then you need to look for common patterns such as different people complaining about the same thing.

For example, if you see a mixture of complaints then you are probably looking at a lot of people with lots of time on their hands. However, if you see the same complaint a few times then you may deem this as a credible report, therefore you should avoid the browser that they are talking about and find yourself another one.
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