Sony to launch SmartWatch in India


The Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation Sony is all set to launch an amazing SmartWatch in the coming week. This SmartWatch is different from an ordinary watch as it not just a watch rather it is a mobile accessory which will displays entire information like incoming call, call details, massages and can even allow you to surf music from your cellphone. According to their official page on Facebook, the initial cost is set to be Rs. 6299.


The SmartWatch works on a 1.3 inch wide OLED based display which is used as a screen to connect it with their cellphones and then notifying the users about the current notifications and events. The user will be notified by vibration sense and screen backlight based alert.
You can even use it to connect to your social accounts like Facebook and twitter via GPRS based services from your smartphones.

Not just this, you can even access your email account from this. This Smartwatch in the beginning will have the ability to get connected with Android based smartphones. The connectivity between SmartWatch and cellphone will be given by Bluetooth connectivity.

This smartwatch is a touchscreen based device and all you need to do is just click, tap and swipe to turn your watch displaying time to an amazing information device.

The operating range of the device is 10m and it works on the USB charger. The device is too light and its weight is just 41g (15g mainwatch +27g wrist band).

There were many a rumors about the device on Internet which said that the device is facing some troubles and issues. Some of the internet critics even said that the device will be useless but with the name of Sony behind, one can expect device to be helpful.

As we haven’t seen any other device of this kind in the Country, most of the people have questions regarding its right price. The company has announced the initial price and the rest would depend upon the demand and performance of the device.

The Sony SmartWatch connects Android smartphones using Bluetooth giving users the ability to control key functions of the device without removing their smartphones from pocket or bag. With just a tap, touch, and swipe, SmartWatch turns from a watch displaying the time to a remote information center for and Android smartphone.
Have a look at this Video:

The Sony Smartwatch has had its share of troubles with recent updates that rendered it useless. However, according to Sony that problem has been solved.
The big question is that is it rightly priced? Well that’s a question we would like to ask you