Sega robbed off – 1.29 million customer data stolen


dataThe toast time for the hackers’ community appears to continue till wee hours and rightly so, they have a reason to celebrate which adds another feather to their caps and this time around, it’s the Japanese Gaming giant, Sega, that has lost the plot. The personal information of over 1.29 million Sega users was hacked off by some smart computer experts over the weekend. This apparently has been one of the biggest security blows in the recent times.

With the leak via the entity’s European Unit website, the core security measures have now come under the scanner. In fact, the intelligence experts have termed it as a ‘highly fragile arrangement’ that went all around, giving that much awaited joy to the thieves.

The enterprise said, ‘Sega Pass website, operated by London-based Sega Europe, did not contain credit card information.’

‘But names, dates of birth, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords were stolen by intruders to the site’, Sega said in a Japanese-language statement.
‘We sincerely apologize for troubles this incident has caused to our customers,” it further said.
’The service, which has been suspended, was mainly to announce new product information to registered customers’, Sega appended.

“An investigation has been launched to find the cause and channels used for the leakage, No other websites managed by Sega have come under attack,“ it said on the eve of the findings.

Reportedly, such an occurrence was never anticipated by the company officials as it boasts of a great track record, especially when iterating on the security measures in the past. However, with something like this happening, the company has roped in added drafts to further strengthen the safety process.