Save Your Website from getting Google Sandboxed


Talking about SEO in terms of Google is not just about dealing with their algorithm updates such as Panda and Penguin. It has many parameters which most of the times goes unread. One such concept is Google Sandbox which is yet unknown to many webmasters. Here we discuss about this important concept in the form of a Questionnaire.


What Google Sandbox is?

Google sandbox (also known as Sandboxing) is an optimisation based  filter which looks to penalize the  websites and blogs on a temporary basis. It works specially on new websites which try to achieve high ranking for certain keywords by aggressive link building and spinned content.

How to know if your Site got Sandboxed by Google?

If your website have a good ranking in search results and then all of a sudden, it gets dropped to null (i.e. not even shown in the index) for a long time, then it is high possibility that your site got Sandboxed by Google.

Why do Google send websites to Sandbox?

it is often seen that in the beginning, to get instant result and a higher ranking, most of the webmasters go for excessive link-building. They even buy links from high-PR blogs which get reflected in their ranking.
However, as Google’s policy is to give fair results to all, it sends such site to sandbox for a small tenure so as to make them suffer against this. In most of cases, where websites are found using black-hat SEO, then they are sent to Sandbox first first and if they yet not correct the measures, they are then penalised by algorithms on permanent basis.

How to save your website from getting Google sandboxed?

Prevention is better than cure. Try to follow these two proven effective measure so that you donot get into the pit of Sandbox
1. Try building high-quality, less-aggressive( at a small rate) links for your wbesite. Also make sure that these links are durable. Also donot try to go at a very high pace for link building.
2. Check your website’s content regularly. If there is any duplicate content, immediately remove it and if someone else have copied your content, try getting it down using DMCA. Remember that originality is what Google loves.

What if your website got Google sandboxed?

If its you who’ve got into Sandbox, then all we can say is that there is no single and instant step which can work for you. You need to work on a strategy and that too for a long time. Simply follow these steps to get back from sandbox.

  1. Make an effective link building plan. Go for building 50 links in 25 days rather than getting them in just 5 days. t
  2. Get away from black-hat SEO tricks and tips as these are the one’s which get penalised the most.
  3. Donot stop working on your website if it get sandboxed! It would amke the situation worse.

So this what I wanted to share about Google Sandbox with you. If anyone has another valid point, feel free to speak out.