Samsung Galaxy S2 review



One can rightly understand why the smartphone savvy population across the globe goes crazy every time Apple launches a new edition of an iPhone. The gadget has apparently generated huge popularity of late. If the majority notion is to be believed, then an iPhone is head and shoulders above the rest. Even I was for the motion until I came across this very fine device in Samsung Galaxy S2.

I already went skeptical when earlier during the year; Apple litigated Samsung for imitating its Galaxy series. I knew it would only happen if at all Apple sees someone as its huge rival. After using Samsung Galaxy S2, I felt Apple was rightly feeling insecure because Samsung was out with a better device, certainly better than iPhone 4.

Honestly speaking, I haven’t used iPhone 4 much but I don’t really get that superlative feel whenever I try my hand at it. Now, some of you might tell me to get hang of iPhone 4 for atleast a week and then make a call but please don’t mind if I call you ‘Apple fanatics’ who are so very adamant as the world knows.

Having lived with Samsung Galaxy S2 for a while, I like to share a thing or two and who knows, I might be able to change some of your minds.

• Firstly, Galaxy S2 is as neatly designed as any other in the grade, with a lighter weight, in fact 20 gms lighter than an iPhone 4.

• Galaxy S2 bears Super plus Amoled display with a screen size of 4.27 inches, i.e about .75 inch bigger than an iPhone 4. I clearly find visibility better in the former.

• Galaxy S2 has a 1650mAh battery and with a dual-core processor as well as various other enhancements, the battery capacity is surely fitting for the device.

• With a better processor, even the multitasking feature is vastly efficient.

• Galaxy S2 runs with HDMI and 4G technology which has a Bluetooth 3.0 along with DLNA. The stats are clearly the best in its class.

• While the storage is concerned, the existence of microSD up to 32GB in Samsung makes it far more effectual than an iPhone 4.

• Even the RAM has been increased in Galaxy S2. The gadget has Android 2.3 Gingerbread and it has 1GHz Tera 2 dual core technology which is by far the best.

Because it scores better on all counts, I must eventually say that Samsung Galaxy S2 is very dear to me and more so, due to its price tag that shows a clear difference of 100 dollars on eBay. Unfortunately, iPhone 4 is dearer, not just to all of you but by 100 dollars atleast…..haha