Samsung Galaxy S2 price in India



Ask me why I was tempted to write a blog on this and I would blame Samsung Galaxy S2 which is driving me wild all this while. It appears a lot more than a mere fascination; perhaps now that I have lived my life with it, I want the world to know that there is something more attractive than an Apple logo which to me is only a logo, offering little substance to the inscribing device. Actually I don’t deny iPhone’s class but when you’re getting a better device at a lower price, then what’s the reason would you give for sticking to that iSeries?

I say, get rid of that illusion and see beyond. Read this for a fact if you are still not convinced.

India is a land of over 1 billion. Over half a billion are cell phone users. And over 200 million are smartphone users. Despite such a strong market, iPhone only has a bleak visibility in the Indian stores. Call it a baffling strategy or a complete failure on the part of the top honchos at the Apple headquarters who have miserably read the Indian mobile bazaar and its customers, the fact remains strong structured that the others have clearly out-played Apple. Samsung seems to be leading the way which is the only entity giving a stiff competition to the former with its Samsung Galaxy S2.

For all those who are unknown to what Samsung Galaxy S2 has to offer in relation to its biggest rival, I am appending a few highlights.

· To begin with, Galaxy S2 is as precisely designed as any other in the rank, with a slimmer look and 20 gms lighter device than an iPhone 4.
· The Super plus Amoled display bearing a screen size of 4.27 inches, is clearly bigger and better than that of an iPhone 4.
· A 1650mAh battery with a dual-core processor is just about perfect for an excellent performance and working. The same also helps in better multitasking.
· The HDMI and 4G technology in Galaxy S2 is the first rate counts. A Bluetooth 3.0 along with DLNA adds to the combination.
· The life of microSD up to 32GB in the device makes it for a great storage capacity that is better than an iPhone 4
· Also, the gadget runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and it has 1GHz Tera 2 dual core technology which is arguably the best available at the moment.

As for the prices of Samsung Galaxy S2 in India, here‘s the list that would stamp the above and make it all the more worthwhile-

Future Bazaar – Rs. 28,340

Ebay India – Rs. 28,390

Mobile store – Rs. 28,350 – Rs. 29,999

Reliance Digital – Rs. 29,900

Lets – Rs. 29,990

Taggle – Rs. 29,900

Home shop 18 – Rs. 29,199

iBazaar India – Rs. 29,700

India Plaza – Rs. 29,900

Adexmart – Rs. 28,490

Saholic – Rs. 28,900