PlayBook initial reviews disappointing


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Before the launch on 19th April, it appears to be a serious dent to the hopes of millions across the world who were eagerly waiting for the PlayBook, the much awaited tablet from the Blackberry maker, Research in Motion (RIM), when the recent review published in the New York Times called the product as ‘Half Baked’.

Touted as the biggest rival to Apple’s iPad 2 before the news came in, the PlayBook now look to loose ground with every passing day. The launch day would finally give users the chance to speak the last word on the product.

Though reviewers have praised its all-new QNX operating system, Flash-capable web browser (which Apple doesn’t offer) and smart interface, the tablet has not found much favour because of lack of apps as compared to the iPad 2. Further, the PlayBook is only Wi-Fi and it cannot connect to mobile networks, unlike the rival tablets from Apple, Motorola and Samsung. As a result, important apps like email, contacts and BlackBerry Messenger will be available only when the tablet is linked with your BlackBerry smart phone through BlackBerry Bridge. One essentially needs to be a Blackberry user in such case.

The New York Times review says that “at the moment, BlackBerry Bridge is the only way to do e-mail, calendar, address book and BlackBerry Messenger on the PlayBook. The PlayBook does not have e-mail, calendar or address book apps of its own. Unfortunately, there’s no video chatting app, as with Android tablets and the iPad. Similarly, the tablet has GPS, but without turn-by-turn navigation software, it’s not good for much other than the built-in Bing Maps app.”

With such comments on the product cropping up right before the release, the show is gradually taking turns towards the direction where it would only be called as a flop show.