Organic Traffic for New Blogs


Our regular reader might be knowing this blog is just a month old. I have been working on writing articles and then getting them indexed fast and it is taking a lot of time in getting them indexed. I have also been working on optimisation but I’ve kept it on a passive rate due to the fact that recent Google search algorithm updates in the form of Panda and Penguin have kept a very less space for SEO. I have seen blogs and sites losing traffic due to intensive Seo in the form of link-building and some other facts. Also there has been a recent buzz that social optimization has been given high credits in Google optimization. this is directly related to the sharing of your articles and  posts on Google Plus. If you want to get your pages indexed in less time, then get +1 share on it. As and when the number of +1 goes par 10, you will see that organic traffic will appear at a very high pace. I have even seen +1 share data and reports in Google Webmaster which also indicates that its worth trying.

This is too different from the time when I started blogging (2008). At that time, it was too easy to get your pages indexed in Google by simply pinging hem using some automated tool or even manual ping. However, some of the SEO practices such as using meta tags for description are yet too useful for doing SEO in Google’s way.

So my request to all the newbies in blogging is that don’t lose hope if your pages are not getting indexed on Google. Just wait for the right time and then you will see a lot of organic traffic coming from Google search. Also try to go for getting quality back links (specially back-links from sites with high PR which are of niche as yours).

I would also advice you to post comments on other’s blog of same niche (like 3 comments after every article you publish).
You must also have a XML sitemap on your site which can help you in getting indexed fast. And remember that if you are working hard on the right track by writing high-quality content, then you will surely succeed.