OLX: Selling Online was Never so Easy


Everyone on Internet who have an idea about buying and selling goods know about OLX as it is largest place for free online classified ads worldwide. I came across their TV campaign ad i.e “Bech De”(means sell it in English) and I liked it to an extent that I cannot resist myself from writing about it here. By this time, most of you would’ve already watched it on Cable Tv, but if you haven’t, first have a look at their TV commercial:

OLX was created in Argentina back in 2006 and it aims at providing a simple yet fast, safe and effective solution to the buying and selling of goods and services, irrespective of the user’s location. At present, OLX is available in more than 96 countries worldwide and its interface is available in more than 40 languages. Their TV campaign commercials are beyond the scope of thinking of a common person and this is what makes them awesome 🙂


The best part about their service is that they allow people to sell almost anything. Eg. Just a week ago, I saw a person successfully selling Yamaha RX 100 bike (1990 model) on OLX. When a 22 year old bike can be sold then anything can be sold. 

Their service is available free of cost and can be used from any part of the country with ease. I prefer using them for great deals. Here are some of the advantages of using OLX:

  • It allows you to design a set of rich and colorful picture ads with ease. You can even post video ads.
  • It is very easy to control your selling, buying, and community activity at their online portal.
  • You can even share your ads on Facebook and Myspace which allows you to get even better response.
  • You can also access their site from any GPRS enabled mobile phone.

With their TV commercial series, one thing is clear that all you need in commercial is to give viewer a laugh rather than a  superstar as brand ambassador.