oDesk vs Elance comparison



oDesk: oDesk is a company with a global job marketplace and has a series of tools targeted at businesses that intend to hire and manage remote workers. Based in Redwood City, CA, oDesk was founded in 2003.

Elance: Elance is a global online employment platform. Clients can hire independent freelance professionals and use online collaboration tools to manage remote teams and projects. Independent contractors create online profiles and portfolios, submit proposals for jobs, and collaborate and receive payment through the Elance website.

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Compare Freelance Marketplaces:
Both oDesk and Elance are one of the biggest freelance marketplaces online today. So, it becomes very interesting to compare them.
Points of Similarity (P.O.S.):
1) Number of Job Postings:
Both oDesk and Elance have good number of employers providing their works. Outsourcers can get web & software development, article writing, seo and many projects completed on oDesk. So, they both are good places to start.
2) Customer Service:

Both Elance and oDesk provide good customer service.

Points of Differentiation (P.O.D.):
1) Quality of Job Postings:
Assignments posted at oDesk has seen little drop in their quality from sometime. That makes less people interested to work on them.
However, Elance has good quality work accompanied with good pay.
2) Fees:
Good thing with oDesk is that there is no subscription fee. It has a flat fee structure where either party pays 10% of the gross income as fees to oDesk.
However, Elance has a very complex fee structure. It takes
– 8.75% as standard Service Fee for relationships less than $10,000, &
– 6.75% as discounted Service Fee for relationships that exceed $10,000 and new relationships referred to Elance
3) Payments and Protection:
Both Elance and oDesk ensure that freelancers get paid from clients. They have different approaches on it:

– oDesk has an advanced system of monitoring freelancer’s work through screenshots. Once more than a minimum level of work is done, the freelancer automatically gets paid. So it becomes best suited for jobs done at hourly-basis.
– Elance has system of ‘Escrow payments’. In this client puts funds with Elance that are only released when the job is completed. In case of any dispute, the funds will not be released, so there can’t be any fraudulent cases.
4) Privacy:
oDesk’s software takes screenshots of freelancer’s screen at random intervals. This sometimes becomes disturbing.
Elance is a winner here.
Freelance Marketplaces oDesk (4.5/5) Elance (3.5/5)
Number of job postings
Customer Service
Quality of Job Postings
Payments and Protection
Overall Rating:
Review Summary:
Having reviewed both oDesk and Elance, we found that oDesk has come out as a real good choice amongst many programmers to assist with all sorts of tasks like web development, article writing and many more tools to help one’s business grow. Stating its key points:
oDesk is growing very fast, so it’s suggested to be active on it.
A very good part of it is that there is no fees to join and also no premium memberships currently on the site.
Their team is more prompt with their replies and provide good solutions to user’s problems.
Their feedback system is also transperant and truer.
The time invested on oDesk is definitely worth it and any business owner must seriously consider it for all their business needs.