Microsoft Office 2013 : Coming Soon or Just Rumors


Microsoft Office is considered to be one of the best document editing packages. With the capability to create and edit files of various types including docs, excel-sheets, presentations etc., it is a product which is generally used by all windows based users. I have been suing them ever since I bought my first computer in the year 2000. I have used Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003, Office 2007 and the latest one i.e. Office 2010. And, the news that has been around for a while is that Microsoft are coming up with yet another updated version in the form of MS office 2013. Let us discuss a bit about it in details.

New Features Expected

Following are the expected features of MS Office 2013:

PDF Reader/Editor

For those who’ve used MS Office 2010, they might know that it provides the facility to save any of your documents in PDF format. Whereas now it is expected that they can come up with an integrates sub-product for PDF editing as currently this feature is missing in their package. If this happens to be true, it will give tough competition to Adobe’s PDF Reader.

Integrated Office App Store

Now a days, App store has been the recent trend. Be it any product, there is always an App store integrated with it which provide customized apps to provide certain functionality. It is expected that Office 2013 will not be an exception and will come with an integrated App store to enhance and customize the work functionalities.

Other Expected Features

Following are other expected features:

  • Password protection for Document to avoid theft of information.
  • Improved MS-Outlook with inbuilt weather bar.
  • Integration with sky-drive (Cloud storage).


While the Windows 8 announcement were going on last month, the glimpse of something like a new Office version was shown. Hope that rumors are correct and we see a new version soon. Check out MSOffice2013 for more information about it.