Microsoft to include Voice Ads in Skype Calls


The most famous VoIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) based calling company Skype, will soon start including advertisements in one-to-one Skype based calls.

These ads will be named as “Conversation Ads” and will only be used against free calls made from Skype to Skype.

The paid users i.e. people who buy credit and use them for calling will be spared as there won’t be any ads shown for them. Skype, which was bought out by Microsoft last for a whooping $8.5 Billion, has confirmed that at present these ads will be broadcasted to the users who are using it on Windows OS. However, as Skype is also available for other platforms including Android and Mac, it is expected that this service will be extended for all platforms soon. At present Skype service is available for 55 countries including India and these ads will be be served to users from all the countries.

However Microsoft has confirmed that the Audio and Visual quality of calls will not be hampered at all as these ads will be served on the basis of user-bandwidth i.e. if you are on a small bandwidth, you will be spared. Not just this, they’ve also confirmed that the ads displayed will be based on the location, gender and age of the user. The fact I liked the most is that no personal data of the user will be shared for this purpose. So one can yet feel secure while using Skype.

The operating mode of Advertisement will be a general one i.e. a small advertisement message will be heard before every call.

Skype has been the favorite, when it comes to internet based calling as they offers high-quality with reliability of Microsoft at an ultra-cheap cost. Specially for countries like India and Gulf, their calling rates are same as that of normal STD rates which makes it cheap for users to make international calls. Skype is also preferred for Voice based conferences online.

I think this step by Microsoft is totally acceptable as they have been looking forward to implement a new revenue model for Skype. What do you think about it?