Java Compiler


Java What Is Compiler

We know that a computer understands no other language except
machine language.A machine language is nothing but a series of 0’s and 1’s.
For us to understand this series is next to impossible, so the programmers developed
high level language in order to make this task easier.
A high level language uses english like words which are easier to understand.
So we write our program in high level languages such as Java,C++ etc. The program is converted
into machine language by compiler.
Therefore compiler is special program that processes the statements written in a particular
programming language(Java,C) and converts them into machine language.

Inbuilt Compilers

We use a lot of applications built in different Programming languages.
In order to run these applications we need the OS to have compilers of these languages.
Some compilers are present in OS and some have to be downloaded.
Ex.-All those who have used C language to write programs know that in order to
compile or run their programs, C compiler must be downloaded.
It is not inbuilt in Windows or any other OS.
To run a program written in any programming language we need its corresponding compiler.

About Javac.exe

This is the name of the file used to compile our java program. We can
write our program in any editor such as notepad,wordpad then save it as .java extension and compile it by setting the path of java compiler.
When it is compiled, the compiler creates a .class file of the source code.
To run our program we just need to write java followed by the filename. The computer searches the .class file and runs it.

Difference From Other Compilers

The java compiler is different from other compilers in the fact that it converts the source code into byte code(series of special symbols) rather than in machine code.
This fact makes java technology Platform Independent.