Increase topline using WebConferencing with these 3 Simple Steps


online webconference toolsImportance of web conferencing is now acclaimed world over. It has served as a really good tool for conducting corporate training sessions, interacting with business stakeholders without any geographical constraints and educating customers about your firm’s products and benefits. Companies are increasingly using solutions such as GoToMeeting so as to instantly connect with their target audience and convey their message.

Have you ever realized its value as a marketing tool? Today’s business professionals regularly face multiple challenges. They must generate leads in a global and dispersed business environment. They must develop a strong brand identity that goes across with their corporate messages. They must qualify leads and pass on their legitimate information to sales team. And lastly, they must clearly justify their expenses with a ROI calculation.

Web conferencing tools can instantly help with all aforesaid points. It serves beneficial in many ways – letting marketers deliver corporate presentations on the internet and generating profitable leads in this process.

Let us see how it is achieved:

#1: Reach global audience via online events

Reaching a variety of prospects becomes difficult sometimes. Reasons behind this are time consuming and costly processes especially when businesses are extending their global footprint. Web conferencing helps businesses to deliver their corporate information and training modules to their target audience all around the world. During this, they ensure that the content is designed and updated as per the relevancy of their audience. This helps in improving company’s brand awareness and generates brand recall. It also increases usage rates and higher satisfaction levels among prospective customers. This ultimately drives and generates more sales from new customers as well as up-selling & cross-selling opportunities amongst existing customers.

#2: Collecting information & gathering feedback

Web conferencing helps marketers to increase the number, frequency, reach and quality of their marketing events. By analyzing people’s profile, marketers can organize & expand their events to target special interest groups and even cover niche areas. Marketing sessions can be designed with valuable educational information which in turn enhances brand awareness, increases loyalty and deliver warm leads. Using web conferencing software’s feature sets, presenters can qualify prospective leads effectively. This incredibly helps sales team to boost their conversion rates. At last, sales team can follow up with interested prospects & probable customers in a more targeted and interactive manner.

#3: Streamlining sales and marketing teams

Web conferencing lets both sales and marketing teams to work together so as to drive revenues for the company. Using various collaborative features such as provided by GoToMeeting, sales and marketing team work together at every level. This caters to right from researching prospects, to planning events, to targeting audience and till account management. They also tap the resources and expertise of each other so as to ensure that all of their efforts ensure business goals.


It can be undoubtedly acclaimed that web conferencing has very well crossed the boundaries of simple user communication and team engagement. It has now become an important strategic procedure that companies are using to educate their audience all around the world and increasing business revenues.

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