HTML5 New Features


HTML5 New Elements

HTML5 offers us some great features which has made it such an important new technology to emerge in the recent times.

New Markup Elements In HTML5

Tag Definition
header Used to define header of some part of webpage
footer Used to define footer of some part of webpage
nav For a section of navigation
article For content like text from a news-article, blog, forum
aside For content aside from the content it is placed in
command For radio buttons,check box

HTML5:Media Elements

The multimedia elements in HTML5 have been one of the most useful features.Use of external browser plugins is no more required.HTMl5 supports audio and video elements.

Tag Definition
audio For sounds, music or other audio streams
video For video clips or other video streams

Canvas Element In HTML5

The canvas element is one of the most important aspects of HTML5 as it facilitates drawings, graphs and paint applications without the use of external plug-ins such as adobe flash.
The canvas element is quite basic defining width,height and unique ID for the object.The developer can use Java script APIs to draw objects on the canvas.The APIs allow the developer to draw different shapes.lines and apply color.The APIs allow the canvas to be interactive with the user inputs which in turn facilitate the production of games and applications.

HTML5:New Form Input Types

In the previous versions of HTML, form controls such as reset button,checkbox,radio etc. were used. IN HTML5 in addition to these some new form input types have been introduced.

Type Definition
url The form input value is url
email The form input value is email address
search The form input value is search field
range The form input value is a number in a given range