HTML 5 Tutorial


Before starting HTML5 you should already have some knowledge about HTML. Learn HTML now.
HTML5 is the evolved version of HTML.Before beginning this tutorial a basic knowledge of HTML,CSS and Java script is required.HTML along with CSS and Javascript can be used to develop interactive websites and applications.

Need For HTML5

The need for HTML5 arose when the websites built using HTML,Java script started relying on excessively on plug-ins such as adobe flash player to power components such as video and audio.HTML5 gives full multimedia support,local storage and offline application support.

HTML5 Future Of Web Development

HTML5 is the newest technology to arise in the recent times and still it is being worked on.The dependency of web on external plug-ins forced the world wide web creators to develop HTML5.

New Features In HTML5

Some of the new features of HTML5 are:

  • Introduction of Canvas element for drawing/animation.
  • Audio and video elements to reduce dependency on flash plug-ins.
  • Better support for local/offline storage
  • New elements to define various parts such as header,footer,nav,section
  • New form controls like range, date, time, email, url, search

HTML5: Browser Support

Being a brand new technology, no browsers have full support of HTML5.But the latest versions of all major browsers such as IE9,firefox3.5+,safari4.0+,chrome3.0+,opera10.0+ support most of its features.
Several browsers have started supporting the audio element of HTML5.But right now only 3 audio formats are supported by the major browsers.

browser Ogg Vorbis WAV MP3
chrome10.0 yes yes yes
Firefox4.0 yes yes no
IE9 no no yes
Safari3.0 no yes yes

We would now explore HMTL5 in more detail in this HTML5 section as follows: