How To Attract More Traffic To Your Website


Your website can achieve immense success only when people visit it. Having one of the best websites won’t be good enough if there’s no one reading it. Attracting traffic is easier said than done, but definitely not impossible. Let’s look at the mistakes that can cost you readers and which all practices will attract them.

Traffic Building Mistakes to Avoid

  • Spam

What do you do when you get a lot of telemarketing calls? You blacklist them. The same goes for websites. When you start spamming your readers, create doorway pages or links to redirect them to your website or constantly send them mailer updates, major search engines will immediately blacklist your website.

  • Untargeted traffic

You cannot expect your brand to grow if the wrong people are visiting it. Target the right audience and create strategies to attract that demographic. Your meta-information should clearly assert what your website is all about, which in turn will divert the right traffic to the website.

  • Single keywords

Keywords are extremely important for attracting traffic. However, just one keyword won’t do the trick unless it is extremely unique and caters to a very specific niche. Use multiple keywords that are specific and clear. You will enjoy traffic success by focusing on keywords in the right way.

  • Poor design

If you focus just on the content and not on the website’s design, you are setting yourself up for failure. Cluttered text, flashy colors and sloppy design will ensure that the readers leave as soon they visit. Pay attention to the aesthetic part of the website – keep it clean, minimal, attractive and user-friendly.

  • Messy meta tags

Meta tags convey to the search engines what your website is about. If you clearly spell them out, you will see more traffic; however if they are messy, have incorrect spellings or are irrelevant to the content, the meta tags won’t help you in getting a high rank and search engines won’t be able to direct the desired crowd to your site.

If you avoid these mistakes, you take one step closer to increasing your website traffic. Now let’s move on to strategies and organic methods that will help your website traffic grow.

Secrets to Grow Your Website Traffic Using Organic Methods

  • Keep the content fresh, consistent and frequent

Content is the king when you want to grow your website traffic. Publish fresh content at least 2-3 times a week. Ensure it is consistent and relevant. Spend time in researching the chosen topic. Start with an attractive topic and create new link bait pages that serve as a source for attracting natural backlinks.

  • Analyze your competitors and use smart keywords

Understanding and analyzing your competitors is an advantage you shouldn’t miss out on. There are specific keywords that your competitors will use. Analyze them and target all the high volume and low competition keywords to your own benefit. Observe which keywords bring in more traffic and which are irrelevant and use them accordingly.

  • Be active on Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc are places where you can reach millions of people at once and even attain a high conversion rate. Design interesting and unique campaigns, post frequently, try increasing the followers/likes and devise methods to engage with them. Do not over-promote yourself or constantly request them to ‘like’ your post. Don’t forget to respond to your followers’ queries/comments.

  • Get a Backlink from Trusted Seed Sites

When you get a backlink from a reputed and trusted seed site like Wikipedia, TechCrunch or New York Times, you can be assured of an influx of visitors. Trusted seed sites are those which Google trusts the most, so getting a backlink from those sites will automatically increase your rankings.

  • Tap into Influencer Marketing

Influencers can play a major role in promoting your brand. Identify such influencers, get in touch with them and convince them why they should promote your brand. It might take some time to get influencers on-board but once they are in, you can be assured of word-of-mouth promotion. Influencer marketing is here to stay, so make the best use of it.

Now, you know the secrets. Implement them wisely and enjoy high website traffic!

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