HostGator : Best Hosting for WordPress


As most of us know that if we want to use the best blogging CMS i.e. WordPress, then you need Web hosting where you can install WordPress and use it with your domain name.
Most of the amateur bloggers go for hosting packages which are cheapest but afterwards they regret their decision for doing so because that makes their life difficult. Their sites/blog are slow and insecure, and also their information is insecure.
Due to many reasons, I recommend bloggers to go for Hostgator. There are many good reasons behind my choice. I will mention them all in this post but before that I would like to tell you that all my websites (including this one) are on Hostgator hosting. Therefore, I can recommend it with strong feeling because I have personally tried it for a long while.

So here I proceed with my big list of reasons to choose hostgator.

Hostgator is Old and Experienced Provider

HostGator was started in 2002 (i.e. they have served people for around a decade). Hostgator have proved themsleves as one of the top hosting provider on Internet. This is due to following reasons:

  • They have current software, hardware and technologies, which keeps your site up to date and, secure..
  • Their online customer support representative have sound knowledge about wordpress and hosting issues which helps client if they need some issue to be solved.
  • They provide cPanel support for managing backend of your hosting.


The hosting packages from hostgator are very reasonable. They have packages which are as cheap as  per month. There are many other hosting providers which might be providing hosting packages which are even cheaper than this one but you cannot only consider cost as a factor. There are others factors too (including support,bandwidth,quality) and I think it is always better to go for a hosting provider with around per month which provides good service than to go for someone which has support only for namesake.
Not just this, you can always go for Hostgator’s trial for just 1 cent per month!

Customer Support Service

I have been using Hostgator for around 4 years now. When I was a beginner with wordpress, I didn’t know how to install wordpress, setup menus etc and frankly speaking, Hostgator support helped me a lot. There has never been an instance that I’ve asked for support and they didn’t responded. I have received the solution to my problem everytime in around 60 minutes.
No matter how big the issue is, they will always be keen to solve it.
Once my website was even hacked and they solved the issue in just 10 minutes.

cPanel Support

This is the biggest reason to choose Hostgator. I would recommend that even if you don’t go for Hostgator, please go for a hosting provider with cPanel support.
cPanel is the best hosting setup tool which allows the user to manage their databases and files (using inbuilt services like File Manager and phpMyAdmin), park a domain, add-on domains, editing DNS settings, getting backups, using FTP accounts, complete stat check, schedule a  tasks (with Cron jobs) and setup custom email accounts etc. There are many other features too which will only require press of buttons to get a complete setup done.


Last but definitely not the least, the Servers. HostGator provides servers of excellent technical quality along with latest version of services like PHP and MySQL, so that you never need to worry about any kind compatibility issues with specified WordPress’ minimum requirements.
They provide various packages like shared hosting, reseller packages, VPS servers and dedicated servers. Not just this, some of their packages also include FREE Private SSL & IP FREE Toll Free Numbers.

I have recommended Hostgator to many users and bloggers and they also liked Hostgator and their service. if you are a newbie and looking for hosting packages, go for Hostgator.

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