How to Hide Files on Android Mobile/Tablet


On the most preferred mobile OS, i.e. Android, there are times when I felt a need to hide some of the files. Yes, there were some Excel sheets which had some confidential data of my Office. I did get a backup of it on my Android phone but the thing which worried me even more is that I have  a tendency of  leaving my mobile phone on desk. Also sometimes, there are moment when my colleagues borrow my phone to make a call etc and then they go outside (to get a good signals).

So I was looking for a solution by which I could hide my important data on Android and I got a way out. Therefore, I am sharing it with you all.
I got an App from Google play which allowed me to hide any file on my phone. It was File Hide Expert App(available here).
Here is the procedure to hide files.
  1. First,  download and install the App from Google Play (using the above link).
  2. From the menu, just launch the App and you will see the main interface of it.
  3. Now, just tap the Folder Icon on the top-right corner to select file which you want to hide.

    Click Folder icon on Top-Right

  4. Then you will get on the screen like below. Just select the files which you want to hide.

    Select the Files to hide

  5. Then you will see a list of all the files that you’ve selected to hide. Now just press HIDE ALL button to hide them.

    Select HIDE ALL option

Now, you will notice that these files won’t be visible in music search, file explorer etc. In this way, you can hide any file on your Android device and make it more secure.