How to Hack Olympic Google Doodle


While we are busy watching Indian Athletes at London Olympics with a hope of getting Gold, Google is busy playing their own Olympic with the entire world. They are changing their doodle and have been implementing a new sport every day and this had helped them gaining a lot in terms for the visit time as I have seen people at home and work playing it for hours.

It is not one of the best games that we have but still it is a good time pass. I even saw most of my friends sharing the screenshots of their highest score on Facebook and Google plus.

So here is an awesome trick/hack for you to get a score which is more than your friend (this can be anything). All you need to do is just follow the below steps clearly.

  • First of all, go to in Google Chrome Web browser. It can also work in Firefox but it will take some extra time. I would advise you not to use Internet Explorer as it anyways don’t work for most of the tricks.
  • Now play the doodle game just for the sake of playing it. (Yes, you can even give it your worst shot!
  • Now when you have the score screen in front of you, just get you mouse cursor over the score and right click it.
  • After right clicking, just select the ‘Inspect Element’ option and it will open a code window at the bottom of the browser.
  • Now you will notice that it has the score mentioned in the code. Just double click on the score in code and it will be editable.
  • And, you can add any score that you would like.

In this way you can hack the doodle and edit score. You can also post the screenshots on Facebook. I hope that this was interesting.