Google strengthens on Intellectual Property with Wireless Telephony portfolio



News of the day is that Google Inc. is now planning to buy the U.S. wireless chip technology entity, InterDigital, that is with the view to enhance its patent collection.

The piece of information is indisputably interesting as the flurry of attractive compositions keep flowing in with every alternative day.

InterDigital apparently has a market value of $3.11 billion and 2010 revenues of $395 million. The board of the entity was reportedly said to be thinking upon strategic alternatives that includes sale of the company and its patents potentially.

With Oracle already impeding the way, Google’s race in terms of intellectual property in wireless telephony has already been obstructed to a certain extent. The same appears to have an adverse effect in the coming times, especially looking at the emerging Smartphone market.

The news was confirmed by Wall Street journal yesterday.

“InterDigital expects to fetch a price that not only reflects the value of its patents but also the long-term recurring revenue that stems from licensing patents. Google and Interdigital have been in touch in recent days but financial advisers for InterDigital will likely approach a wide number of technology companies as part of the auction” the paper quoted.

Interdigital certifies approximately 8,800 mostly telecommunications patents that variety from fundamental wireless system designs and processes to augment network cover to behavior of lengthening battery life and making well-organized exercise of bandwidth.

An era of frightful technology war is apparently titled upon with a different name. Some call it the age of the lawsuits and some simply admire the day to day claims sitting in one corner of the arena. The latter bunch is commonly known as ‘the customers’ who are simply having a ball.