All New Google SERP Revealed [Case Study]


At present moment, after Google Search getting two important algorithm updates in the form of Panda and Penguin, I have seen almost 50% of the bloggers suffering with traffic loss. Not just newbies, I have seen even probloggers suffering from the same and the exact solution to it is yet not available.I was researching more about “Figuring out steps and ways to resolve Panda & Penguin Loss” and I got accross a very interesting pice of information by a German Company named Sistrix (The page is in German so you can see the translated version here).

They have conducted a big Case study. Here is what they did:

  • They generated a list of more than 10k Randomly Generated Keywords, and
  •  Then they tried to analyze the top 100 results for every keyword which was available in Google Search Result.

It was done with the purpose to determine some of the most influential factors on Search Engine Rankings. They found the results which were almost accurate as they analysed each and every pattern very deeply. There was nothing which was new (for experienced bloggers and webmasters) in terms of results but the effectiveness of factors was something new as it was arranged in order and such a big study always tend to give best results.
Here are some of the factors which they determined. They are arranged in order of increasing priority.

  • Keywords in the Title tag had a great effect.
  • Targeted keywords in the body tag also seemed to be influential.
  • Keywords in H2-H6 headline tags had an influence on the rankings whereas keywords mentioned in H1 headline tags had no effect.
  • Using keywords in Bold or Strong Tags had a slight effect on the rankings.
  • Keywords in image file names was important for traffic via Google Image Search.
  • Keywords in image alt attributes had a big impact.
  • Keyword in the domain name had an effect. Although it wasn’t a big impact.
  • Web pages that use very few parameters in the URL were at high rank (Pages with url like?id=12345, etc.)
  • Last but not the least, PageRank also had an impact.

In general, Sites with more than 200 pages were on higher ranks as compared to smaller ones. But that is fairly acceptable as inbound links seems to have a big impact. SO I gained  a lot in terms of Optimization from this study. What about you?