Google Indonesia recreated the Epic Ramayana in HTML5


Google Indonesia has launched and recreated the sacred hindu epic of Ramayana in the form of an advanced Google chrome Experiment. They’ve made it available to the public at and anyone can watch the entire epic in the form of a story. The story has remained the same with Ram, Laxman, Sita, Hanuman and Ravana being the main characters. The story has been presented in a modern way using most of the Google web-tools like Google Talk, Maps, Docs and Gmail. They’ve shown instances where Web-search has been employed to make the strategy to plan and plot against Ravana in Lanka.

The graphics used in the this HTML5 Ramayana are of high-quality.
Some important points about it are:

  • The script is presented in a different frame and is written in an Indonesian Script called Bahasa. So it can be a bit difficult for Indians to understand it but if you have watched the episodes of Ramayan on Television, then you can clearly make out all the instances from the images.
  • I tried watching it in Firefox, but it couldn’t be played there. So this can be seen as an advertising strategy as it only works with Google Chrome.
  • Jatayu is shown blogging on Blogger platform.
  • Each and every area is linked to their location in Google maps.

Here are some screenshots of the HTML5 based Ramayana:

As it is developed in HTML5 and consists of high-quality graphics, it might take some time to load. Hope you like this version of Ramayana from Google Indonesia.
Please share your comments about it with us.