Google: Here’s How to do SEO


Google has come up with an official post about Search Engine Optimisation on their developer’s Blog. This post is intended for Startups who are looking to optimize their site for a better Search Engine Ranking.
It is well known to every one that Google has a monopoly in the online search-engine space in entire world with  more than 80 percent users using Google Search to find and search.Due to the same reason each and every site owner (specially one’s with online business) looks to optimize their site to get better search based results and nothing could have been much better than Google themselves speaking about it. Here is the official Video:

The tips given are very simple ones such as setting Google Webmasters Account for your site, adding verified authorship. The special point which they mentioned was that :
“Adding Authorship is necessary so that if there is an issues, we can contact you easily,”
I have never experienced such a condition where Google contacts site-owner on the subject of optimisation ( May be this is a part of their paid service called Google Analytics Pro).
They’ve also focused on the point of having no-malwares and no spammy content.
One more good suggestion made by Google is to keep the content on a page focused on a single topic or niche. Although this is normal and is known to most of the site owners but yet we sometimes tend to miss such points. According to them , having unique title and meta for every page is must. About the site speed, they’ve mentioned that “Google aims for under a half-second pageload time”. Also the page should not go down frequently (so go for a good hosting).
Finally, they’ve warned everyone against Black-hat SEO schemes and have clearly mentioned that buying links and participating in link exchange programs will lead to a negative impact on you Website.
We have implemented all the above steps on our Site. What about you?