Google Announces Free Online Search Techniques Course


Our regular readers would already be knowing about doing  Google’s prescribed way of SEO. And, now we are getting you beyond it as Google has already announced about their free online Search Techniques Course. Now they will tell you ways by which you can become a great Googler.

Although, we all use Google for searching something or other on internet, for some of the casual users Google is synonymous to Internet which is enough to tell you about its power. But sometimes, we do miss out something or other while searching and thus we are unable to grab thing out of it with full potential. Thus, to make you understand the same, they are starting this course. The course named “POWERING SEARCH WITH GOOGLE” will begin from tomorrow i.e. July 10,2012 and will end on July 23,2012.

This course will be divided into six classes and three assesments, and on the completeion of sourse, you will be getting an online certificate if you pass in the assessments. Here is the entire schedule:

  • The Pre-class assessment
  • 1st Class – Introduction to Search [ would be available from July 10 ]
  • 2nd Class  – Interpreting the results [ would be available from July 11 ]
  • 3rd Class – Advanced saerch techniques [ would be available from July 12 ]
  • The Mid-class assessment
  • 4th Class – Find facts faster [ would be available from July 17 ]
  • Class 5 – Checking your facts [ would be available from July 18 ]
  • Class 6 – Putting it all together [ would be available from July 19 ]
  • Final/Post-class assessment

To attend the above mentioned course, all you need to do is just go to their  official site and register using your Google Account.

Here is an online video about Power Searching from Google’s official Channel which I got while researching about it:

At the end, we would like to recommend all our readers to join the course immediately as no one can explain a book better than it author. Google has always been trying to help people and this is what makes them the Online Super-power. We appreciate this effort by Google. What about you?