Facebook launches ‘Business’ page


At a time when Google is cleaning up all the company profiles on its Google plus social network, Facebook has come to the foray, raiding the map with its first ever appearance to serve as an online business education center. On Tuesday, the company launched a new webpage that would act as an information guide, helping the small scale businesses to use the social networking site.

The online business guide would contain point wise information on things like profile page creation, formation of targeted ads & deals and online interaction with customer feedback.

As per the reports, Facebook is tagging the new webpage at ‘Facebook .com/business’, as an “online education centre” that provides useful directions to small players into business, trade and commerce.

The company’s new business webpage will not be holding any fresh features; it merely gathers a lot of information that are potentially useful for small businesses.

“Facebook allows small businesses to create rich social experiences, build lasting relationships and amplify the most powerful type of marketing, word of mouth. We created Facebook.com/business to make it even easier for people to reach these objectives and grow,” quotes one of the company spokesperson in an email.

The move is clearly seen as ‘another smart’ for Facebook, especially when Google is gradually moving away from the route. With this, the former has opened up growing avenues for business entities to work around in the region of brand building.

Apparently, earlier in the year, Facebook declared its affiliation with Skype to convey video chat characteristics within the social networking website and that came out only 7 days following Google plus proclamation of the in-app video chat attribute known as ‘Hangouts.’

Time and again, such news forces one and all to believe that they are in the right direction to reap the most out of this high intensity Technology scuffle. In fact even the fighters would concur.