Drupaligg: The Open Source Digg/Reddit Clone using PHP based Drupal





Drupaligg: The Digg Clone

Drupaligg is an open source Digg Clone built over CMS Drupal. Drupal is a powerful php-based Content management system that provides developers a powerful way to develop faster web applications. Equipped with a powerful blend of features, Drupal supports a variety of websites ranging from personal weblogs to large community-driven websites.

Drupaligg has evolved out of the desire to provide a comprehenensive off the shelf Digg clone using Drupal. And therefore, is is called Drupal + Digg = Drupaligg.

Why Drupaligg?

There are couple of open source Digg clone available on the web. And one of the most prominent that comes in mind is Pligg. It is powerful and effective. But, its power is restricted in lot of ways like if you want to add a forum to it, or a blog or a story or some custom content type that can voted, it would not be easy to do. Or simply, it can not be done. If you want to create new templates, it is not easy in Pligg. If you want to add social networking features, it is not easy. Pligg is still in beta.

In contrast, Drupal has come a long way in all these years and efforts of thousands of developers. Drupal is a powerful CMS (content management system) with modules for almost anything that you may need and in an attempt to provide a better Digg Clone as an alternative to Pligg for Drupal Users who want to harness the power of Drupal, its modules and its highly active community, Drupaligg is born.

GO TO (Use onemore/onemore as the login password for demo):







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Current Implementation:

Drupaligg currently uses lot of already existing modules especially, vote_up_down and Voting API. Thanks to all the developers who have tirelessly developed these modules. There are other modules that have been used and integrated upon. As we progress with the implemenation, we shall discuss and improve upon each of them depending upon the interest. Please use the forum if you have any questions or suggestions.The current implementation is a testing release and please avoid using in production.

The current theme of drupaligg is built over spreadfirefox and is very similar to yget theme (default) theme of pligg.


The source code for the same can be downloaded at: Drupaligg Source Code.


1. Download xampp depending on your platform. If its windows, put it in C: directory.

Extract Drupaligg to htdocs directory. If it is windows, extract drupaligg to C:/xampp/drupaligg. Now, all the files are in: C:/xampp/htdocs/drupaligg.

2. Start xampp/

3. Connect to mysql daemon from cmd shell.
shell> mysql -uroot -ppassword

4. create a database, say drupalig on mysql command prompt:
mysql> create database drupaligg;

5. Exit from the mysql shell.

6. Input database druapaligg_db.sql in drupaligg folder (in windows, it is C:/xampp/htdocs/drupaligg/drupaligg_db.sql) as follows:

shell> mysql -uroot -ppassword drupaligg < drupaligg_db.sql

7. Change database and url settings in drupaligg/sites/default/settings.php
(in windows, it is C:/xampp/htdocs/drupaligg/sites/default/settings.php).

Connect from browser:

admin login passwod is

login: admin
password: admin12