Content Quality is Not What Google Panda looks for


If you have a blog which has been hurt by Google panda algorithm update and you are searching about ways to overcome panda effect, then I am sure that you are one of the serious bloggers and they don’t copy content, neither they use spin content. Yet they are affected and kicked by panda. This is due to the reason that facts you’ve read about Google panda are not accurate.Yes, I am 100% correct about this fact because most of the people who have been hurt have good original content. This due to the fact that there has been any search bot developed in the world, which could works as an artificial intelligence agent and imitate human beings with cent-percent accuracy. So I am sure that in any of the way possible, Google bot cannot judge quality of content because a piece of content might look spam to me but good for soemone who was searching for it.

Then, you might be wondering if quality cannot be  measured by bot, what does it see that it starts affecting good sites. The reason is that there some scrapper sites which tends to take a copy whole of your content or even a part of it. Yes these works on codes and auto-blogging tools which copy content from good sites to scrap sites. So I would suggest you to make a deep search about your content (even though, you’re sure that you haven’t copied) just to make sure that others have not copied it. You can take help DMCA in taking down such content.

Also Panda powered Google bot can calculate the keyword density. So if your articles are center around som keywords, then this might be a reason behind your suffering. It has also been seen that changing niche has caused some problems to  sites.

Panda understands English well. It works like program in Word Editor which underlines grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. So make sure that you haven’t made any mistake while writing because even a single mistake in an article can make blunders. You can make use of offline writers( MS Word etc.) to write article and then paste it on your blog.

Hope all above tips help you secure your site from Panda.