How to Change Facebook Page URL


On the World’s favorite Social networking site called Facebook, every blog seems to have a page which allows them to show their updates to the public. Until now, Facebook allowed us to change URL i.e. the username of our Profile. But for pages, it wasn’t so. When you create a new page on Facebook, the url looks like this:

This is the random URL which is assigned by Facebook System to every page created. With time, when your page gets popular and the number of likes increases to 25+, then it allows you to choose a username for you Facebook Page. It  looks like this:

But earlier, this process was designed in a way that you can select the username for your Facebook Page only once and that cannot be changed once it has been claimed as this facility wasn’t available. The only way to do so was by deleting the existing page and then making a new one but it had problems in itself like getting the subscribers and stats back.
But now, Facebook has given this facility to change the username for you page once.
Here is the procedure to do so:

  1. First go to page whose URL needs to be changed. (You must have admin privileges to change URL).
  2. Go to Edit Page Option and then Select Update Info.
  3. You will see an option “Change Username” under it.

Watch this Video if you have any problem is performing above steps.

Important Points

There are a few points which you need to take of before changing the URL of your Page.

  1. The older Facebook page URL will return a 404 error. So you would be required to change the URL everywhere (Like in Web-Signature, Email-Signatures, Blog etc.)
  2. Take some care while choosing the new URL as you cannot change it again.
  3. Try avoiding the use of (.) dot s it is generally ignored by Facebook.

I hope that this small tutorial will help a lot of newbies. Please feel free to ask anything in the form of comments.