Can WordPress be used to create a Job Site?



WordPress is an amazingly flexible CMS. It made humble beginnings as a blog engine but has since grown in a complete Content Management System. WordPress can be used to create social networking website, A Magazine Like Website, An Article Directory and even a Job site. Not many Jobsites are powered with wordpress but still it can be used to create a fairly advanced Job Site. Job Board Plugin WordPress Job Manager is an open source plugin for creating advanced job sites with wordpress. It has various features like: Job Listing *Categories to create multiple job boards *Jobs can be filed under multiple categories *Icons can be assigned to jobs, to make them stand out in the listing *Customisable fields, so you can display information about your jobs specific to your situation *Powerful templating system, allowing you to control the look and feel of your jobs and job boards *Widgets to fit into your WordPress theme Job Management *Jobs can be defined to display between certain dates, or indefinitely *Simple admin interface for editing, updating and creating jobs *Jobs can be easily archived or made public as needed Applications *Applicants can apply through the website, using a form that you can customize and template, so you get the information you need *Advanced filtering on application forms, to ensure you only get applications that match your criteria Applicant Management *Simple interface for viewing all applicants *List can be filtered based on any criteria in your custom application form *Email individuals or groups of candidates, to keep them updated on new job opportunities in your organisation *Interview scheduling, linked directly to jobs and applications *Internal comments, for easy reference when you need to decide It requires Wp version 2.9 and above. WordPress Job Site Themes Another option is to use a Job Site theme for wordpress. There are various job site themes which can be utilized for this purpose.

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