Best Canon Vlogging Camera Options For 2016


best cannon vlogging camera

If you’re vlogging for fun you can probably get away with a simple point-and-shoot camera mounted on a sturdy tripod, but you still want to make sure it’s high quality.

Canon is one of the most highly respected camera companies, known for their line of DSLRs and high quality camcorders. But running out and buying the first Canon you see isn’t a great idea. Every vlogger has different needs. If you want to be able to make short films as well, you want to spend the extra money on a really high quality designated video camera, of which there are many to choose from. Want to vlog your travels? You’re going to want a compact point and shoot.

Whatever your needs are, Canon has a great camera for you.

1. Canon XA 10

$1,699 might sound like an extreme amount to pay for a vlogging camera but the XA 10 is worth every dollar and comes highly recommended. This lightweight video camera provides excellent mobility while still offering a full range of features and 1080P HD shooting. It also comes with an infrared mode that makes it easy to film in areas with little or no ambient light.

2. Canon EOS Rebel T5i

The Rebel T5i is definitely aimed more at photographers than at filmmakers but it is excellent for most vloggers and if you’re new to the world of cameras you’ll also find it much easier to use. It offers 18MP photography as well as full 1080P HD video and high speed non-stop shooting. You won’t be able to film as well at night but you will save a lot of money on this $849 camera.

3. Canon 70D

This compact camera comes with a surprising number of features and shoots video as well as any dedicated camcorder in the same price range. A Dual Pixel CMOS AF allows this camera to easily track and stay focused on moving objects.

4. Canon S120

If you want something you can easily take on the road with you that still shoots 1080P HD and has decent sound, the Canon S120 is for you. This $359 camera can also be connected directly to your TV to play videos. Still photos are 12MP.

5. Canon Vixia Mini

The Canon Vixia is one of the most popular camcorders for families thanks to its affordable price tag ($349) and high quality videos. The Mini is a little bit more expensive ($524) but it’s a lot more convenient to carry around and has higher quality sound. It also comes with a wonderful f/2.8 fisheye lens that will help give all your videos a distinct look. You can also shoot in either Wide Mode or Close Up Mode.


A great vlogging camera can be an expensive camera dedicated entirely to videos or it can be a high quality point-and-shoot from a reputable company like Canon. The important thing is that you know what suits your needs and your budget. Read a variety of reviews before you actually make a purchase. Great video cameras might be cheaper than ever before but that doesn’t mean they aren’t expensive.