Apple’s Asian suppliers to manufacture low-priced iPhone 4



Selling like a hotcake, the most recent Apple property in iPhone 4 will soon be adorning the hands and pockets of many who desperately wanted to own it but were stalled by financial constraints for all this time. The Asian suppliers to Apple Inc. have reportedly started the manufacturing of a lower priced edition of iPhone 4 that holds 8 gigabyte flash drive structure.

One of the Korean companies is said to be working on the new version of 8 gigabyte flash drive. In its current process, Apple sources its flash drives from Toshiba in Japan and Samsung Electronics in South Korea.

Comprehensive information on the move wasn’t really available since the news has not been made public yet. This present piece of info owes to some of the market insiders who wanted their names not be declared as of now.

Apple, that stresses elevated levels of confidentiality and safety from its suppliers and employees, made no remarks on this.

Apparently, iPhone 4 was originally launched in June 2010 having 16 GB and 32 GB versions and with a white edition adding up to the catalogue in April.

The 8 GB version launch is well expected within a week. The new iPhone which is known by an alternative name of iPhone 4S because of its feature of matching appearance to the existing iPhone 4, will come with a bigger touch screen, improved antenna and an 8-megapixel camera, the news source revealed.

Along with this, Apple Inc. is also focusing on a late September launch for the next generation iPhone 5. Two of its manufacturers have been pushed to organize production aptitude for up to 45 million units in sum.

Quite clearly, Apple is taking no chance with the rapidly emerging market for smartphones, especially when every alternative morning is being hit by a new story covering a brand new smart talker.