Amazon Kindle Fire review



I was long waiting for the much-talked and much-hyped tablet PC from Amazon and now at the first news, I could only say that there isn’t anything to express apart from a substantial degree of disappointment. Back in March, earlier during the year, I went terribly anxious when I heard of a prospect tablet launch in Kindle Fire, more because, it was coming straight from the pot of much-renowned Amazon. The attractive price tag promise was something which was highly alluring since most of the others who weren’t there until that time, were only speculated for an expensive price.

If I just sneak in as to what all we have in major tablet choices at present, then it’s primarily Apple’s iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Blackberry’s Playbook and HP Touchpad. Lenevo’s Lepad and MSI range hasn’t really gone that far yet so can’t really comment as to how well they have fared in specific regions along within native areas.

A huge anticipation seems to have drowned with the fresh reviews that Kindle Fire has generated until now. Unfortunately, a quick peek at the Amazon tablet isn’t impressive at all, forget about the comparison you want to see amid others. Here are some ordinary specs for Kindle Fire:

• A 7-inch screen, apparently the smallest in the cluster, barring only Playbook, isn’t any great.

• Runs on Android 2.3 platform and promises an okay resolution.

• A dual core processor with a storage capacity of 8GB is the lowest you would get making it worthless for a comparison.

• There are no cameras, video potential and even the sensors aren’t reported.

• A big question mark looms over 3G/4G which is dreadful.

• The wifi count seems to be in sync with all the others using the similar 802.11 b/g/n version/tool.

• Not quite sure how well the Bluetooth works and does it even have one and same goes for GPS.

The only thing that would perhaps persuade someone to go for it would be its price tag, which is a healthy 300 dollars less than the others. Also, for those who want to carry a gadget lighter in weight, then it is well under a pound.

As for a personal view, if it is all about having a tablet in the closet then why spend that extra bucks, just go for it, ignoring what all Kindle Fire doesn’t have but I guess that isn’t a part of add-on features, they are simply essential for in a good tablet and for all this vital stuff, I wont even mind paying EMIs. After all, you don’t buy a tablet everyday.