After Sitemaps, its Schema – Google, MS, Yahoo gather again


srAlmost after 5 years, the top of the ladder players in the global web arena, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have again pitched in close, this time to launch that aims at improving web search efficacy levels. Earlier in 2006, it was that helped in standardizing sitemap protocols. The move was widely acknowledged across all spheres as the event looks to be one out of many, solely based on harmony in contrast to much heated technology battle.

The three entities in Yahoo, Microsoft (Bing) and Google have launched a site called that constitutes of a common set of HTML tags which webmasters would use to mark up structured data on their sites. has around 100 different HTML tags for structured data categories such as events, places, people, organizations, products, music, movies and TV shows.

“We are announcing, a new initiative from Google, Bing and Yahoo to create and support a common vocabulary for structured data markup on web pages,” Google said.

Via the new site, the owners and developers would be able to gather info about structured data and improve how their sites show up in major search engines output. The objective is to be a ‘one place for all’ for webmasters looking to append markup to their pages.

Most of the sites are produced from structured data that is often stored in databases. While this data is formatted into HTML it becomes stiffer to recover the original structured data.

Be this occurrence a one time effort after a long lull, the happening would surely bring about long term benefits for one and all, hooking to the internet, starving for that much needed information.