6 Ways for Freelance Writers to Make Supplemental Income in 2016


The sad truth is that many freelance writers are making less now than they have in many years thanks to a flood of terrible jobs and cheap labor in the online marketplace.

Finding clients only seems to get harder as more people turn to freelancing because of the unstable supply of full time work.

Luckily technology has also created many new opportunities for freelance writers to make extra income. If you’re struggling to make up for writing income you’ve lost in the last couple of years, stop fretting and try out these 6 methods for earning extra income:

1. Social Media Guru

If you’ve had some previous success marketing your own work on social media or you’ve done some social media work for writing clients in the past, you can position yourself as a social media guru and sell consultations.

Not sure how to get consultation clients? Try offering half a dozen free consultations through a contest on your website to get the hang of it and acquire some testimonials, then pick a day or two for consultations every week. Sell your consultations in bundles and single consultations to earn the largest returns on this.

2. Teach

What do you usually write about? Odds are pretty good that you know enough about it to teach other people about it. You can either look into online tutoring opportunities or create a video course of your own and sell it for a lower price on a site like Udemy.com.

Video courses won’t earn you as much money individually but the beauty is that you can sell endless amounts.
If you have several years of proven writing experience, you may also be able to organize paid workshops at your local library or other community institution. These are in person workshops that usually run for a couple hours and pay a small fee.

3. Sell Stock Photography

Do you have a nice camera? Do you find yourself often taking pictures to go with your articles already? If you enjoy photography and you’re pretty good at it there are several sites where you can sell your stock photography.

Generally you sign up, upload your image once and get paid a small amount (usually $1 or less) every time your picture is selected. Check out this list of places to sell stock photography.

4. Join an MLM Company

Network marketing is now a decade-old, proven way for individuals to make supplemental income. MLM, or network marketing, in short, allows you to join with a company that has an existing product or service line and then make commissions when you sell those products.

There are dozens of network marketing companies to choose from and by introducing others to the business opportunity, you can even get paid a commission based on the sales of those people. It’s quite powerful and worthwhile looking into further.

5. Sell Your Crafts

An awful lot of freelance writers happen to be really creative people in general. They knit, mold things out of clay, create costumes, paint or find another outlet for their creative urges.

And a lot of freelancers find more time to work on these crafts than people with full time jobs, especially when work is lean.

Do you have an entire room in your house full of your crafts? Are you making so many crafts you simply don’t have people to gift them all to? Maybe it’s time you think about selling your crafts through a platform like Etsy.

6. Do Paid Surveys

A lot of people think these sites are scams but the truth is that most of these people simply expect too much from paid surveys. It’s no way to make a fortune but you can easily make a couple hundred dollars every month by doing an hour or two worth of surveys each week on sites like Ipsos I-Say and Opinion Outpost.

There are perhaps half a dozen legitimate sites where you can earn a real but small amount of extra money doing paid surveys; if you participate in all of them this can become a pretty decent second income.

Times might be hard but there are still opportunities for you to increase your income without giving up the freelance life—all you need to do is know where to look.