Zoho CRM : Corporate Life was Never So Easy!

Customer Relationship Management or CRM as we call it generally in business terms, is a term which was originally defined and designed with the mindset of improving upon the customer service and now it has almost been converted into a complete business strategy and design and helps achieving a systematic approach.

And we are here talking about Zoho CRM which is best according to me or rather not just according to me but is also recommended by most of the business biggies. Here are its features:


  • It allows you to automate the complete day-to-day business activities to ensure that you can give most of the time on selling and not on maintaining data.
  • It helps you Identify bottlenecks well in advance, discover what works and what does not. Also, it allows to gain a complete visibility of your sales cycle.
  • Not only in office or site, but even on a plane or at a remote location. You can access customer data from your mobile phones and be up-to-date – even in the offline mode.
  • It helps you build better relationships with your customers. Associate LinkedIn profiles and engage customers from within your CRM account.
  • You can also connect your CRM account with other applications and get the perfect solution for your business requirements.
  • Sync Google emails and other information with Zoho CRM is easy as you can collaborate and share information easily with Zoho CRM for Google Apps.

So we use and recommend Zoho. What about you?