Wine lovers – time to raise a toast!


Great news for all you wine lovers. A team of British scientists has finally made it. It has developed a new technology with which it would be able to detect whether an alcohol produce is fake or genuine.

Globally, there is a vast population that fancy drinking the most when it comes to habits and general likings and very often it gets a raw deal while buying a bottle of whisky. The concern would no more be a concern as it now would be able to decipher if it is getting the right value for its money.

The technique developed by a team from the University of Leicester, relies on detecting the differences between the characteristics of light reflected from the liquid inside the bottle or its label. A white light is shone through the liquid and the spectrometer analyses whether the signature matches that of the genuine article or not. The team believes that the technology can be used in various working areas to analyze liquids, especially in airports.

Fake produces can often be very harmful and even holds the capacity of causing life threatening diseases that makes the reason to buy a genuine product all the more important. However, with this new development, things would surely ease up bringing down that sensitivity factor to a larger extent.