Why it’s wiser not to buy a PC now ??

If at all you had long pending plans to buy a PC or you were about to suggest someone a brand, then its wiser to hold on for now.

A team of technological researchers at the University of Glasgow has developed a central processing unit which has 1000 cores on a single microchip.

The ones which are currently in fashion have a processor with two, four or sixteen cores to carry out tasks. This would now make the PCs 20 times faster than the current speed.

With the fact promising so much so in terms of advancement, it certainly makes sense to go for the new unit rather than hurrying up on things and end up setting a desktop on your cabinet which would appear obsolete in a few months from now.
Indeed, it’s a different story if the need is urgent and one just can’t wait to have it on board, however this can really be beneficial for small scale or even larger business concerns which often require a fleet of PCs for their huge manpower.

A better idea is to rent out machines for some more time until the new processor hits the stores. The scientists used a chip called a Field Programmable Gate array which allowed them to create more than 1000 mini circuits, effectively making the chip a 1000 core processor.

Looking at progression at such a pace, one really wonders what all future has in store for us.